About IDF

IDF is the newest show in town. It will be held annually in the heart of Europe, Brussels. The fair is organised for diamond, gemstone, jewellery and watch professionals. Hundreds of companies will be attending as an exhibitor or as a visitor.

Pamela Hastry, head of the International Diamond Jewellery Design Award, says:

“The dream of creating an International fair, in the heart of Brussels, is a brilliant as the industry we represent and is achieved thanks to all the honorable participants who have made it a reality.  A thriving crossroad, as once the silk and spice routes were, where Brussels welcomes the east and the west to share creativity, beauty and know-how from around the world.

Brussels is a multi-cultural city and this fair dedicated to diamonds, jewels, gems and watches, is the golden thread that weaves a world wide web, embracing diversity, making this dream even richer from a cultural, economical and diplomatic point of view.”