Federation for European Education in Gemmology

Promoting excellence in gemmological training

The main purpose of FEEG is to facilitate and encourage the mutual exchange of information and technical assistance, to organise examinations leading to a common European qualification in gemmology (European Gemmologist) and to promote partnerships and economic, social and cultural exchanges between respective members.

The FEEG Diploma

The FEEG Diploma represents the toughest test for any gemmologist working in the industry today. Built from the collective knowledge of Europe’s top gemmological training centres, it challenges trained gemmologists’ theoretical and practical knowledge of over 100 stones, from the everyday gems to the lesser known minerals. Unlike other Diplomas, the FEEG expects students to work through a tough syllabus and a rigorous programme of training and research to fulfil the criteria needed to pass the final exam. As one of the most demanding examinations of a gemmologist’s aptitude, the FEEG Diploma is an ideal way to further your professional development and prove yourself as one of the best European talents.

Examinations are held twice a year in July and October in 6 different languages. To be eligible for the FEEG examinations, a candidate must have the gemmology diploma of a FEEG member organization.

For more information: www.feeg-education.com/

FEEG Teaching Centers: